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Tired of knitting sweaters that don't quite fit?

Afraid to knit your first sweater and it not turn out right?

CustomFit is for you!

We are VERY excited to be a part of this amazing program designed by Amy Herzog. CustomFit is a pattern generator that uses YOUR measurements and creates a pattern just for you, based on your knitting gauge. How awesome is that!! Sweater patterns are based on a standardized chart of body measurements, the problem with that is no two bodies are the same. With CustomFit your sweater will be designed on your ACTUAL measurements, not some standardized chart.

Beware...CustomFit is very addicting, once you start you can't stop! Sara is on her second one already!

Check our classes page for dates and times.

The Great Felfs Challenge of 2014

Felfs for a cure

Think of it as a lil warm hug for your feet

The Art of Felfs by Cat Borhdi has inspired us as well as many others in helping to support Dr. David Krag and his research in the transformation of cancer treatments.

Yarns by the Sea will be collecting Felfs starting January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. Felfs will be donated to adults and children with cancer. We have been in contact with a few of these organizations and all of them are as excited as we are.

Serious Felfs Discussion                         Frog Tree

Cat Borhdi, Sara & Chrissy . . . Serious Felfs Discussion